Course: Graphic Design
Grade Level: 10th Grade
Duration: Year-Long Course

Unit: Combining Images and Text
Project: Cookbook

Challenge: Make a page of a cookbook for a dish that represents a particular culture (and has personal meaning for you). When everyone makes a page, we will have an entire cookbook.


  • You must include four written parts of your cookbook entry: Name of dish, personal story about you and the dish, ingredients list (with amounts), instructions.
  • You can design a single page or a spread.
  • File sizes:
    single page: width = 8.5in; height = 11in
    spread: width = 17in; height = 11in
    180 ppi (if you're working in Photoshop)
  • Here are some options for how you can design your page:
    • Make your page in Photoshop and use photographs and text in a grid. If you choose this option, you need to include at least 4 photos on your page.
    • Make your page in Photoshop, and include images that are cut out of their backgrounds as a decorative element on the page. If you choose this option, you must include parts of at least 4 different photos on your page.
    • Make your project in Illustrator, and create a representational drawing of something related to your dish or the culture that it comes from or the personal story that you've written.
    • Make your project in Illustrator and make an abstract pattern (or broken pattern) that represents the culture that your food is from or the personal story that you've written.
    • Got another idea? Send me an email describing your idea for the design, and how it will represent your dish, your chosen culture, or your story.

Objectives: Students will be able to...

  • choose the appropriate software to implement their design ideas.
  • design a hierarchy that shows which parts of the page are most important.
  • organize the different parts of the page into separate sections that contribute to a whole that reads in a logical order.
  • create margins at the edge of the page an in the fold.
  • use bleed only with images and fields of color (not with blocks of text that are meant to be read).
  • align elements of the page with each other.
  • make a well-crafted project using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Student Work: