Course: Graphic Design
Grade Level: 10th Grade
Duration: Year-Long Course

Unit: Organizing Content
Project: Grid, Parts 1 and 2

Challenge (Part 1): Make a grid in which you combine images and text to illustrate a theme from either your Science or History class. Your images and text must create a holistic picture of your theme. Although you will not be able to include every detail, you must determine which facts are most important, making sure not to leave major holes in the story that you are presenting.

Challenge (Part 2): Make another copy of your grid (you will now have two files) in which all of the images are black and white. Add a number on top of every image in the grid. Write a key explaining what each number/picture represents. (Use your planning document to create the key.)


  • Your project must be made in Photoshop.
  • Your grid must include at least 10 boxes that contain images or text (or both).
  • Images can be overlapped, altered, or combined in any way, as long as the grid remains clear.
  • Some of your images or text must use more than one box of the grid.
  • Your project must accurately reflect the theme that you have chosen.
  • You can crop images to fit in the grid, but you cannot stretch or smush them.
  • File size: 8.5 x 11 inches, resolution: 180 ppi
  • Your key must be written in your own words (no copying and pasting from websites or any other source).
  • You must cite the sources of your information in your key.

Objectives: Students will be able to...

  • create a composition in which all images and text fit within a grid.
  • combine images and text to depict a theme.
  • create a piece in which the separate elements feels like they belong together
  • perfectly line up images and words.
  • create a piece that feels balanced.
  • create a piece in which at least one image/word takes up more than one cell of the grid.

Student Work: