Course: Graphic Design
Grade Level: 10th Grade
Duration: Year-Long Course

Unit: Type
Project: Initial Drawings

Challenge: Make an abstract drawing using only your initials (2 or 3 letters). Try to create a drawing in which a viewer will notice shapes before he or she notices letters.


  • You may use only your initials. You may repeat each of your initials as many times as you want.
  • Do not spell out any words.
  • Use at least three fonts, and any styles (ex: bold, italic) that you want.
  • You can flip and rotate letters, but you can’t smush or stretch them.

Objectives: Students will be able to...

  • make a composition that takes into account the entire artboard.
  • view type as shapes rather than as components of words.
  • create contrast in their drawings by including variety of fonts and font sizes.
  • create a drawing made up of letters.
  • create a balanced composition.
  • make a well-crafted drawing using Illustrator.

Student Work: