Course: Graphic Design
Grade Level: 10th Grade
Duration: Year-Long Course

Unit: Illustrator Drawings
Project: Family History Project

Challenge: In this project, you will represent the history of your family through three Illustrator drawings of objects. Choose three objects that say something about your family and it’s past (recent or distant). You will then make three separate drawings, one of each object. The three drawings will work together as a set to show the history of your family.


  • Your project must include three separate drawings that are meant to be displayed together.
  • Your drawings must be made in Illustrator.
  • Each drawing must include an object and a background. (Your background can be realistic or abstract.)
  • At least two of the three objects must have depth to them (they can’t be flat).
  • You can use photographs as source material (and to trace); you cannot trace drawings made by anyone other than yourself.
  • No flags.

Objectives: Students will be able to...

  • create a set of drawings that seem like they belong together.
  • represent an idea/story with an object.
  • create a drawing with a subject and a background.
  • create a background that supports the subject of their drawings.
  • design compositions that take into account the entire page.
  • make well-crafted drawings using Illustrator.

Student Work: